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What do you mean that tree makes too much shade?


From friendsoftrees.org

We rent our house so that means that our control over the structure and property is limited (at best). Recently the owner of the house started trimming trees along the back of the property. We were bummed because those trees provided a bit of privacy from the neighboring buildings but we weren’t torn up over it and assumed that there were reasons for the trimming. Then one afternoon we were looking out of the windows to see what was going on in the back yard and just then we all saw the owner cutting down AN ENTIRE TREE. A green one. A healthy one. A gorgeous amazing one. What the heezy??!!?

One of my sons went over to ask why he was cutting down the tree. The response “because these ones are getting too overgrown and this one makes too much shade and drops sap.” — Since when is shade from a tree a bad thing, especially in the back of a property? We were crushed (I was dumbfounded) but what was done was done. Unfortunately the bad news didn’t stop there. The owner also told my son that he was going to cut two more trees down on the property, however these two are much closer to the house and we adore them. I frequently will take a book out back and sit in the shade of the tallest of the two and simply enjoy the yard and the blooming tree above me. I never really thought of myself as a treehugger but the thought of that tree getting cut down brought tears to my eyes and had me a bit outraged.

So here we are, short three trees and a number of limbs. Luckily the tall one has yet to be sacrificed (I wonder if I should chain myself to it? lol). I’m hoping the owner has changed his mind. Unfortunately many of the limbs and branches that two of my boys use to climb the evergreen in the back have been cut off so it doesn’t look like their reading hideout is going to be accessible any longer. Sadness.

Since it looks like we’ve got ourselves a bit of a reprieve for the next day or so due to weather, I’m going to send the owner an email requesting (read: begging) that they keep our favorite tree. I’ll use all my powers of persuasion and attach the image from the post as a friendly reminder that trees are cool for a number of reasons. <Keeping my fingers crossed>