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To compost, or not to compost?


That is the question of the hour at my house. I’ve always loved the idea of composting but haven’t done enough research or purchasing (if required) to even get started. Plus I’ve never had much of a garden until now.

As a general rule we minimize waste and reuse countless items around here, but inevitably things get tossed that could most definitely be used again, or in this case, composted. I’ve got my little container garden growing briskly on the back porch and am getting ready to plant some veggies into the ground. What better time to get going on composting.

But I’m lost. Where do I begin? What do I need? Does it smell? Where can I keep my composting bin? Arghh… I’m pulling my hair out. I’ve got all these books gathering dusk on my side table (check the Goodreads list on the right —>) that explain gardening, organic gardening, urban gardening, container gardening, etc., but I just haven’t had a chance to get to them yet. But time excuses aside, I’ve got a pile of fresh broccoli trimmings sitting on the counter and they need a home and it is not going to be the garbage bin.

As chance would have it I came across this lovely link here. It’s not a complete how-to-compost article but breaks down what you certainly cannot toss in the compost bin, and personally knowing what I cannot do is the best place for me to start. And once you’ve got that pinned and are ready to get with the how-tos check out this step-by-step article or this video by The Sierra Club for the more visual learners among us.

I’m excited to get started and I’m certain the veggies growing out back will thank me.

Do you compost? Have you noticed a difference in your yard or garden. I’d love to get some feedback.